Is health and safety more than a paperwork exercise for your business?

1 December 2019 · Clint Van Marrewijk

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Staff engagement is key to a successful health and safety management system, but health and safety is far too often seen as a paperwork exercise for businesses.

I always try to explain that a risk assessment or a safety procedure that is not followed is just paper and words and has little purpose.

The reason why most businesses fail with their risk management is they don’t involve the people that they need to protect.

As with life, people do not like being told what to do, and often safety documents are written in a way that make them unachievable.

By optimising staff engagement both of those common failures can be avoided.

The more staff are involved in managing their risk the more successful the outcome. By giving them ownership staff will embrace safe systems of work therefore reducing workplace accidents and incidents.

A great example of this is enabling staff to trial a number of suitable options, listening to their responses, and letting them choose the option that works best for them.

By letting them choose a suitable option you will find that compliance to it will be greatly improved.

I think it is always important for businesses to remember who they are trying to protect, and involving them in the process will lead to a more successful outcome.


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Ellis Arnett is the Director of TEAM Safety Services Ltd. TEAM Safety Services provides you with Health and Safety systems which are realistic, workable and affordable. We believe in a practical approach to Health and Safety and being able to provide your company with all aspects of Health and Safety Management and Training ensures continuity which leads to great results.

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