How can Health & Safety Consultants save time?

1 December 2019 · SaferMe team

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How can Health & Safety Consultants save time?

If you’re a Health and Safety consultant you’ll know that (like in all services businesses) your biggest restriction is your own time – the total possible hours you have to work for each client.

This limits the number of clients your business can have, the amount of work you can do for them, and of course, how much money your company makes.

On top of this, your role as a health and safety consultant involves some highly time-consuming activities, for clients who often have only limited budget allocated to HSE.

What consumes so much of your time?

Travel time is a good example (am I right?) visiting client sites in all directions. Some audits can also be very lengthy on site, and even longer when you need to go back to the office and compile notes into a report for the customer.

Another time-grabber is managing report data and managing client interactions at scale. How do you stay up-to-date with what all of your clients have or haven’t been reporting? Do you use a file-sharing system of uploading and manually checking documents? Or paper?

How do you keep a constant, ongoing dialogue about safety with clients so they know you are always connected with them – instead of just showing up at your agreed visits?

And how long does it take collating or requesting data to find out how clients have been managing their safety processes before or during your scheduled meetings?

All of this takes an incredible amount of time. Surely there has to be a better way?

Can you save time AND strengthen client relations?

Joining as a partner on the SaferMe platform enables you to manage multiple health and safety clients via one modern digital safety platform. We can save you time on manual, paper-driven (or Word document) tasks and help you improve your connection with your clients too.

We work closely with our health and consultant partner community and we’re constantly collaborating to solve more of your day-to-day challenges.

The SaferMe platform does several key things to help you:

Monitor all your clients’ activities in realtime
See when report forms are filled, who has been active (and who hasn’t). You can track this whenever you like from your own dashboard. Ahead of your next catch up with each client you’ll already know exactly what’s been happening.

Engage with clients instantly via the SaferMe app
Your clients and you will get to move safety reporting from paper or word documents to a beautifully designed, modern safety app. The app allows you to be notified when clients have taken action and you can respond quickly to let them know you’re across it by leaving a comment in the app.

Make audits less time consuming
We help put all your forms and your clients’ forms into the app so you can save time when conducting audits or assessments or just simple hazard, near-miss or checklist-type reporting. These can be saved into report formats – saving you hours.

Offer the ‘X’ Factor
Offering your clients SaferMe as their safety app opens significant possibilities for them. SaferMe includes industry-leading features such as data sharing (between teams and organisations); instant proximity-based hazard alerts – include premium data such as real-time lightning strikes; a scientifically-backed fatigue monitoring service – and more.

We’d love to show you so you can see for yourself.

Request a partner demo with one of our teams in North America, Europe, Australia or New Zealand and we’ll get you going. There is currently a one month free trial offer for all new users – so don’t delay.

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