Remove the hassle from OSHA electronic safety reporting

1 December 2019 · SaferMe team

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Remove the hassle from OSHA electronic safety reporting

How can American businesses ensure they comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) electronic reporting of safety data? How can you make the reporting process easier? Is a safety app available which meets OSHA electronic reporting requirements?

The initial July 1, 2018 deadline for safety data submission has passed and OSHA has now started to enforce electronic reporting requirements for US businesses.

If you’re like many companies – the 67% which LNS Research estimates aren’t using a digital EHS reporting solution – then you likely found the OSHA electronic reporting was a hassle.

However, with no option but to comply for businesses subject to OSHA’s electronic reporting requirements then you need to find a way to make this process easier.

To ensure you have an easy time at the March 2019 deadline for submitting 2018 EHS data, now is the time to switch to digital and away from paper forms or other manual spreadsheet-based reporting.

Rather than spending time manually entering your data from paper forms at each year’s deadline, you can have a simple flow which starts with giving end users mobile apps to make reporting simple and quick at any time; includes a digital EHS suite so you and your team can report, view, share and analyse safety data in real-time; and ends with easy data export or direct integration via API (Application Programming Interface) so you can instantly assemble and submit your company’s data to OSHA without additional effort.

Switching to a digital system like this will not only save time and ensure you comply with OSHA’s electronic reporting requirements, but will also drive higher employee engagement with safety in your business and help build an advanced safety culture. 

Safety can become a business function that actually drives value, rather than an administrative burden. Leading companies experience higher productivity, reduced risks, accidents and related costs, cost savings across the organisation, and increases in revenue.

Improve your OSHA reporting now: Request a free consultation to discuss how your business can switch to digital EHS reporting and make your OSHA electronic reporting a breeze.

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